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Positive Intelligence

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Positive Intelligence

Why only 20% of Teams and Individuals Achieve Their True Potential and How You Can Achieve Yours

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Stop self-sabotage and tap your inner wisdom by using positive intelligence.

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Merging theories from science, positive psychology and coaching, neuroscientist Shirzad Chamine defines your “Positive Intelligence Quotient” (PQ) as “the percentage of time your mind acts as your friend rather than as your enemy.” He explains how to increase your PQ to achieve higher performance, greater happiness and less stress. Your PQ score depends on which mental forces dominate – your “Saboteurs” or your “Sage.” Although many self-help books advocate the power of positive thinking, Chamine repackages the idea for practical application, even if he indulges in special jargon. getAbstract recommends his insights and guidance to those who wish to think more optimistically and to managers who need to turn around underperforming teams.


Introducing the “Saboteurs and the Sage”

In Greek mythology, King Sisyphus “fell from grace” and, as punishment, had to push a heavy boulder up a hill, only to watch it roll back down, again and again for all eternity. Like Sisyphus, individuals and teams secretly sabotage themselves by getting stuck in repetitive behavior and never achieving their true potential. Your brain is locked in a battle between your Saboteurs and your inner Sage. Saboteurs are leftover remnants of primitive urges and instincts, such as your “flight or fight” response mechanism. Saboteurs’ negativity can destroy your happiness and performance; conversely, your Sage works to build positivity. Building “Positive Intelligence” helps individuals and teams harness the power of positive thinking and overcome their Saboteurs.

A high “Positive Intelligence Quotient” (PQ) score correlates to higher performance and happiness. For example, if your score is 70%, your mind works for you 70% of the time and against you 30% of the time. Individuals with high PQ live longer, healthier lives.


Everyone has her or his own unique mix of the following 10 Saboteurs:

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About the Author

Shirzad Chamine is the chairman of the Coaches and Training Institute, an international coach training organization, and holds a PhD in neuroscience and a master’s degree in electrical engineering.

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