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Quick Confidence

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Quick Confidence

Be Authentic, Boost Connections, and Make Bold Bets on Yourself


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Use these actionable tips gleaned from thousands of workshops to grow your confidence skills day by day. 

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Leadership consultant and best-selling author Selena Rezvani offers an array of easily implementable, actionable tips to boost your confidence. Gathered from coaching sessions with thousands of professionals at Microsoft, HP, the World Bank, the US Treasury Department, and many more, these learnable skills fall into three categories: mind-set, embodiment and interpersonal. This comprehensive approach to grow your confidence has already garnered over 90,000 subscribers to Rezvani’s LinkedIn newsletter. Now, collected in one place, they’re ready to put into practice.


Take small, daily actions to grow your confidence.

Everyone faces challenges to their self-confidence. Learning to be bold, take chances and tackle big goals isn’t easy. Boosting your confidence, though, can help you take your ideas and aspirations seriously. You’ll stop discounting your best ideas and have more motivation to pursue them. 

Small actions to build your confidence can add up to lasting changes. The actions outlined below can help you build the belief that you belong in any situation, can have an impactful presence and can make the most of every opportunity. Confidence is a muscle that can be developed by practicing every day. Build skills in three categories – your mind-set, your physical actions (embodiment) and your interpersonal behavior – to implement a comprehensive confidence-building program.

Leverage first impressions to create authentic connections.

First impressions matter. Use their power to help develop authentic connections wherever you go. Often, people allow their insecurities to drive them, becoming inauthentic and false to themselves in social interactions. But ...

About the Author

Selena Rezvani is a widely sought leadership speaker and consultant. She’s the author of two other books, including the 2012 bestseller, Pushback: How Smart Women Ask  and Stand Up  for What They Want. 

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