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The Bravest You

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The Bravest You

Five Steps to Fight Your Biggest Fears, Find Your Passion, and Unlock Your Extraordinary Life


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You have encountered fear and lived with it. To regain your courage, become passionate about the welfare of others.

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You may find that certain things frighten you, but you can defeat fear. The secret weapon is passion, which leads to courage. Entrepreneur Adam Kirk Smith promises that becoming passionate about the welfare of others can impel you to act with courage. He suggests a five-phase method for overcoming your ten biggest fears. Smith teaches that a sense of courage built around a passionate mission can help you abandon your preoccupation with distractions or anxieties. Once you find what you need to do, your life will be more meaningful and your fears will fade.


Overcome negativity and you can overcome fear.

If you’ve lived with fear, you can overcome it. The first step is gaining the upper hand over negativity. Fear prevents you from reaching out to others. If you think only of yourself, you may see your shortcomings as major obstacles. But when you become passionate about the welfare of other people, you will be able to see past your obstacles and act courageously on someone else’s behalf. Passion is the driving force behind courage.

People who have a significant impact on others have discovered their passions and drawn energy from them. They demonstrate that you can do the same. Consider the significance and impact that your actions might have for someone else. You probably know you could make a difference, and you should follow that call. Once you do, you’ll find that fear has a much weaker hold on you.

Follow a five-phase process to overcome your ten worst fears.

A five-phase method built on finding and fulfilling a passion for service to others can help you overcome your ten most significant fears. Finding what you need to do will infuse your life with meaning and help you overcome fear, negativity...

About the Author

Adam Kirk Smith is an entrepreneur, consultant, writer and public speaker.

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    H. H. 1 year ago
    You can overcome most fears by being passionate and brave
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    D. M. 2 years ago
    calms thoughts and helps you refocus on positive energy