The Future of Management
A review of

The Future of Management

Evolutionary Business Revolution

by David Meyer

Business author and HR guru Gary Hamel explains revolutionary management and shows how your company can evolve to embrace it.


Gary Hamel, HR expert, London School of Economics faculty member and prolific author, explains that business leaders are working amid a modern management revolution, and then he tells you how to join it. In this book written with Bill Breen, Hamel says management stands on the brink of a major paradigm shift as globalization, deregulation and digitization push old industrial models to the breaking point. To achieve their full potential, he explains, companies must be willing to abandon obsolete processes.

Compared with the…changes we’ve witnessed over the past half century in technology, lifestyles and geopolitics, the practice of management seems to have evolved at a snail’s paceGary Hamel

Hamel advises renewing your firm’s strategic focus organization-wide, involving everyone in innovation and shaping an environment in which people give their best. And, he cautions, just tinkering with details won’t solve your problems. Instead, Hamel argues, if you can improve the way you manage, you can create unlimited potential profit, because managing covers so many aspects of work. He urges you to be bold and to see yourself as part of an evolving revolution.

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