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The Inner Edge

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The Inner Edge

The 10 Practices of Personal Leadership


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To be a truly effective leader, first learn to lead yourself.

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Great leaders are take-charge, can-do, action-oriented individuals who work hard to make a difference. However, in today’s busy, nonstop work environment, many leaders, like everyone else, feel overwhelmed, frenzied and frustrated. All the hard work in the world will not alleviate such feelings. Leaders require something more. Executive leadership coach Joelle K. Jay teaches beleaguered executives to focus on their “personal leadership” strengths and capabilities as a way to integrate their personal and professional lives, and come out ahead in both areas. In her insightful book, Jay presents 10 practices leaders can pursue to achieve this vital integration. getAbstract recommends it as a steady, useful read for leaders who want to align their work and their personal lives.


Have You Lost Your Edge?

As a leader, you have two edges: your “inner edge,” or your internal self – your thoughts, values, plans and strengths – and your “outer edge,” or the external self you present to the world through your actions and activities. Most leaders focus on their outer edge, because people judge executives based on how they act and what they do.

However, to realize their full potential, leaders also should focus on their personal inner edge. This involves rigorous self-examination, including the answers to some personal questions: “Who are you as a leader?” “Who do you want to be?” “What do you want to achieve, why and how?” Reinforcing your inner edge can make you a better leader.

Today, many managers are stressed out, confused and dissatisfied. They work hard, but concentrating constantly on outer-edge activities has cost them their inner edge. If that sounds like you, the cure is to spend quality time in thoughtful reflection. This will increase your productivity and help you feel more motivated.

Follow these 10 practices to get in closer touch with your inner edge:

1. “Get Clarity: What Do You Want?”

Lucidity makes you ...

About the Author

Joelle K. Jay is an executive leadership coach who holds a PhD in learning and leadership. She also wrote Quality Teaching: Reflection as the Heart of Practice.

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    J. L. 7 years ago
    Isn't this the truth "To learn effectively, take complete ownership of your personal development."