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The Quantum Leap book summary

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Digital transformation may be the reason your company survives – but a more fundamental business transformation will be the reason it thrives. Indeed, companies that successfully navigate the choppy waters of digital transformation make sure their business models evolve with the technology they use. In succinct, upbeat fashion, Colombian business developers Oscar Cárdenas and Javier Alexis García teach you how to make this “Quantum Leap”: using new technologies to keep your business relevant and profitable – and ultimately imbue it with a deeper sense of purpose that serves humanity. 

About the Authors

Colombia-based consultants and business developers Oscar Cárdenas and Javier Alexis García developed the Q Method to guide digital and business transformation at companies.


A meteorite could destroy your company; you might not see it coming.

Factors like the COVID-19 pandemic and climate change rapidly alter the business world, as “dinosaur companies” cling to what they’ve always done and die silently in the face of unexpected catastrophe. Indeed, the rise of the digital economy has bankrupted, bought out or shuttered 52% of Fortune 500 companies.

Today’s companies compete globally and across industries. Latin American data centers used to experience 20% growth every year, but have lost customers more recently to international cloud service providers that offer faster, cheaper services. In response, Telefónica CEO José María Álvarez-Pallete, for example, withdrew his communications company from Latin America to establish a bigger foothold in Europe, which offered more potential for growth.

Companies find strength in adversity when they focus on their raison d’être

Resilient companies adapt and transform for the future by focusing on their purpose. Microsoft became one of the top three in its industry when it pivoted its mission from putting a computer...

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