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Work That Matters for People Who Care

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Work That Matters for People Who Care

On Leadership with Scott Miller Podcast

Franklin Covey Company,

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The era of mass marketing is over. 

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In a marketing industry brimming with self-proclaimed visionaries who later turned out to be hallucinating mayflies, Seth Godin is one of the few who has often proven himself to be right. In this episode of the podcast On Leadership with Scott Miller, Godin speaks candidly about his career successes and failures, the future of marketing and online education, and the difference between management and leadership.


Success is a product of trial and error.

Seth Godin has tried many different things and failed at lots of them. While working in the book industry, he once received 800 rejections in a row, and many books he packaged hardly sold. In 1994, Godin wrongly predicted that the World Wide Web would never take off – a false assumption that cost him untold sums.

Yet all these failures got him to where he is today, and Godin is grateful for every one of his mistakes. People who get lucky on their first try and become an overnight sensation often fail to sustain their success and fade into oblivion quickly. To realize your dream, dream small. Instead of setting out to change the world, start with changing two people for the better – and go from there. Change happens with small steps.

Today’s marketers should target a niche audience.

Marketing campaigns used to be geared toward the masses. Yet in today’s information architecture, people don’t have to listen to anything they don’t want to. Moreover...

About the Podcast

Scott Miller is the author of four books including the best-seller Everyone Deserves A Great Manager; he’s the popular podcast host of On Leadership with Scott Miller and C-Suite Conversations with Scott MillerSeth Godin is the author of 20 best-selling books, a popular blogger, the founder of the altMBA and The Akimbo Workshops, and host of the podcast Akimbo

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