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Content Is Currency book summary

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To market your products or services online, heed one bedrock Internet principle: Content rules. Your goal is to pull people to your site by appealing to their concerns; the challenge is how. Internet content expert Jon Wuebben shows you how to create compelling content, brand yourself online, market and sell your content, and get eyeballs onto your page. Though Wuebben repeats and contradicts himself once or twice and offers a few overly optimistic predictions, getAbstract recommends his knowledgeable, practical, but basic, guidance to rookie entrepreneurs, business owners and Internet marketers.

About the Author

Jon Wuebben, the CEO of ContentLaunch, an Internet content firm, is also the author of Content Rich: Writing Your Way to Wealth on the Web.


Online, Content Rules

The Internet is the world’s greatest content delivery system, but you must bring top-notch material to the attention of the people who want it. That means creating high-quality blog posts, digital magazines, e-newsletters, YouTube videos, podcasts, emails, white papers, webinars, web pages and social media messages and marketing them to your target audience. Many online marketing efforts suffer because firms pay more attention to the appearance of their websites than to their content. Online marketers often fail to ensure that their content – which functions smoothly when users access it by computer – works just as well on mobile phones or tablets.

To ensure your message reaches your intended audience, lace your content with signature keywords that people are likely to use as search terms to find what you offer online. The right search results “pull” people to your site, as opposed to conventional marketing that “pushes” messages out to people via TV commercials or print advertising. Those who seek and connect to strong online content often overlook or avoid traditional advertising.

Provide quality online content to connect to your audience...

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