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Crunch Time book summary
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getAbstract International Book Award Winner 2018

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Performance anxiety can be a formidable opponent, whether you’re a professional athlete, surgeon, salesperson or student. How you deal with pressure often determines if you are going to succeed or fail. Rick Peterson, a well-respected major league baseball pitching coach for many years, shares valuable techniques and concepts for overcoming difficult, stress-filled situations. Peterson and leadership development expert Judd Hoekstra explain how to turn fear and doubt into opportunity. Their philosophy uses “reframing,” the ability to look at a situation differently and avoid intimidation, and “chunking,” breaking daunting challenges down into smaller pieces. getAbstract believes that their practical, insightful guide can help you interpret events in a way that turns threats into challenges – and challenges into opportunities.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How tactics like “reframing” and “chunking” in pressured situations turn threats into opportunities,
  • Why you often experience unsatisfactory results when you try harder, and
  • What strategies you can use to prevent your confidence from fluctuating.

About the Authors

Long-time Major League Baseball pitching coach Rick Peterson is a sought-after motivational speaker. Judd Hoekstra is a vice president at The Ken Blanchard Companies.



“Reframing” Changes Everything

Everyone faces high-pressure conditions sometimes. Though you may aim for optimal performance under those circumstances, your results can be disappointing. In many instances, people are their own worst enemies; they allow pressure to influence their results.

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    Franco Cachero 8 months ago
    Great read! I had to share snippets around the section of Simplifying Objectives with my team