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Decisive Intuition

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Decisive Intuition

Use Your Gut Instincts to Make Smart Business Decisions

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To give innovation a boost at work and at home, add your intuition to your consideration of hard data. 

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Invisible Edge CEO Rick Snyder brings a no-nonsense approach to learning to trust yourself and your intuition. He explains how three types of intuition — “directional, social” and “informational” – combine to help you make better decisions. He offers exercises and examples to teach you how to access your inner wisdom. Step away from being busy to learn to use your “innate intuition” to gain greater insight and jump-start innovation in your firm. Creating mental space may seem counterintuitive amid projects and deadlines, but it could open a new area of creativity and enable you to respond instead of react. 


Using your intuition isn’t mystical; it’s logical.

As artificial intelligence and algorithms make more decisions in people’s lives and in organizations, the time has come for people to tap into their intuition as an adjunct to today’s technical capabilities. Your inner wisdom can temper empirical data with humanity.

Adaptive leadership – the ability to welcome new modes of operating as situations change – is necessary in this fast-moving world. Being in tune with your intuition or inner knowledge is part of developing such leadership. Honing your ability to access your intuition takes time and effort, but it can fundamentally change the pace and quality of your decisions and your company’s performance. Combined with critical thinking, your inner wisdom can help you and your business perform better.

In 2014, the US Navy began a four-year, almost $4 million program to investigate how sailors and Marines could use intuition to make better decisions in the field. As former SEAL commander Mark Divine wrote in The Way of the SEAL, working with your inner mind can unleash “new levels of awareness...

About the Author

Invisible Edge CEO and founder Rick Snyder works with companies worldwide to create teams and corporate culture that use intuition to improve all aspects of their business. He developed The Intuitive Engagement Pathway assessment tool.

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