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How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime

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How to Sell Anything to Anyone Anytime

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Sales guru Dave Kahle says selling is easy if you follow the rules

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To learn about any subject, turn to the experts. To learn about military strategy, turn to Sun-Tzu’s The Art of War. To learn about hitting home runs, read The Art of Hitting by Ted Williams. To learn about investing, study The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham. To learn about sales, read this specialist’s guide by sales guru Dave Kahle. He walks you through his “Kahle Way Sales Process,” explaining what to do at every stage to advance and close a sale. He promises that if you follow his time-tested method faithfully, you can surpass your sales quotas, no matter what you sell. Kahle also packs his book with valuable inside tips. Although Kahle’s volume won’t win prizes for innovation, getAbstract recommends his excellent presentation to up-and-coming salespeople and to more experienced sellers who want to do better.


Dos and Don’ts of the Sales Process

Selling is not a mysterious or magical process. It is wonderfully straightforward – as long as you know what to do. First, forget these misconceptions about sales and salespeople:

  • “Salespeople are glad-handing, outgoing people, and...you must fit into that mold” – Your personality does not determine your sales effectiveness. The determinants are your understanding and application of classic sales principles.
  • “Salespeople are good talkers” – You need to listen to what your prospects want and need. Constant talkers get nowhere.
  • “I must thoroughly know the product if I am going to sell it” – Product knowledge matters, particularly if you represent a technical product or service. Knowing your prospects matters more.
  • “I must believe in a product or service before I could sell it” – Selling depends on getting your prospect to believe in what you sell. To accomplish that, demonstrate how your offering meets your customer’s wants and needs.
  • “If I offer a quality product or service, people will come to me and I don’t need to sell effectively” – “If you do it better, people...

About the Author

Dave Kahle is president of DaCo Corporation, a sales training and consulting firm. He is the author of nine books and numerous multimedia training products.

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