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Manage Your Day-to-Day

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Manage Your Day-to-Day

Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind

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How to get out of your own way and make your creative ideas a reality.

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Editor Jocelyn K. Glei offers a selection of practices that leaders use to encourage inspiration and to avoid multitasking. To help your ideas bloom, she says, structure time for your own creativity. Her fascinating compilation, part of the 99U Book Series, draws on the insights of various creative thinkers, including coach Mark McGuinness, Behance founder Scott Belsky and behavioral economist Dan Ariely. Glei offers sound advice to help you work in tumultuous situations, connect with yourself instead of constantly communicating with everyone else, avoid the distractions of email and social media, and develop a productive routine. She also provides links to the websites of the thinkers whose insights she features. getAbstract advocates this best-selling compilation to those seeking to increase their focus, productivity and creativity.


“Building a Rock-Solid Routine”

Scott Belsky, the founder of Behance, asked creative people about their work and their lives. On the basis of their responses, he advocates going beyond merely coming up with great ideas and taking the next step: putting your ideas into action.

As a frequent public speaker, Belsky often asks people if they have ideas. His audience members always say they do, but then they explain why they can’t act on their ideas. Belsky urges you to recognize that the time has come to stop making excuses. Accept what you can do – and do it.

Live with the reality that few organizations achieve perfection. Take the initiative to promote your ideas with the understanding that how you act defines your ability to do things well. How you seize the opportunity to improve your work habits will determine whether you can make things happen. Start by creating a rock-solid routine. 99U director Jocelyn Glei offers these tips:

  • Put doing “great work before everything else” – When you start work, do whatever you consider most vital. Leave activities like responding to email until after you complete the day’s crucial...

About the Authors

Jocelyn K. Glei is editor-in-chief and director of 99U – which teaches how to make ideas happen. She’s the former global managing editor of the online media company Flavorpill.

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