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The Ultimate Guide for Mastering The Art and Science of Getting Past No


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Salespeople must learn to handle rejection and deal with objections.

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Everyone hates rejection, but salespeople often end up swimming in it like fish swim in the sea. That’s only one reason people find that selling is a tough profession. Salespeople also must deal with a barrage of objections to their pitches. Learning to deal with these objections brings salespeople to the next professional level. In this helpful book, sales expert Jeb Blount offers specific, useful guidance on how to manage prospects’ objections in a way that addresses their concerns and helps you maximize the potential that they will become your clients.


Salespeople need to know how to ask questions and how to handle prospects’ objections. 

Asking prospects for something and handling their objections are key aspects of sales success. A salesperson who can’t make the ask or cope with objections faces failure. Use questions to help you establish your prospects’ identity, goals and any needs you might be able to fulfill. You must ask prospects for a number of things in the course of deal-making:

  • The background information and data you need to craft a compelling sales proposition. 
  • Time to present your pitch and demonstrate your products or services. 
  • Introductions to other decision makers or influencers. 
  • Low-risk “micro-commitments.”
  • “Buying commitments.”

Instead of asking for these necessities, however, many salespeople wait for the client to do their work for them. You must overcome your fears and ask what for what you need.

Many salespeople find making requests difficult because they fear rejection. This fear can undermine your confidence...

About the Author

Jeb Blount, the author of nine books including Virtual Selling, helps companies with sales performance, training, leadership, coaching and organizational design.

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