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AI Applications

Machines haven’t taken over the world yet, but artificial intelligence is seeping into our daily lives with astonishing speed. Whether it’s robots, language processing or computer vision, the possible applications of AI are endless.

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9 Book

Tech-Powered Sales

Achieve Superhuman Sales Skills
Justin Michael and Tony Hughes
HarperCollins Leadership, 2021
10 Article

A.I. Is Mastering Language. Should We Trust What It Says?

OpenAI’s GPT-3 and other neural nets can now write original prose with mind-boggling fluency – a development that could have profound implications for the future.
Steven Johnson
New York Times Magazine, 2022
9 Article
JT Clark et al.
Boston Consulting Group, 2022
8 Article

Meet DALL-E, the A.I. That Draws Anything at Your Command

New technology that blends language and images could serve graphic artists – and speed disinformation campaigns.
Cade Metz
The New York Times, 2022
9 Article

Autonomous Systems

Autonomous machines are made up of many systems working together with different functions that can sense, plan and act based on changing variables.
Microsoft, 2021
8 Book

The Automation Advantage

Embrace the Future of Productivity and Improve Speed, Quality, and Customer Experience Through AI
Bhaskar Ghosh et al.
McGraw-Hill, 2021
8 Video
Siddhartha Chaturvedi and Hoifung Poon
Microsoft, 2021
9 Book

Deep Medicine

How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Healthcare Human Again
Eric Topol
Basic Books, 2019
7 Article
Margaretta Colangelo
Forbes, 2020
9 Article

The Supply of Disinformation Soon Will Be Infinite

Disinformation campaigns used to require a lot of human effort, but artificial intelligence will take them to a whole new level.
Renee DiResta
The Atlantic, 2020