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Supply Chains

Your suppliers can offer you so much more than raw materials and parts. Become an expert in logistics and learn how to leverage your supplier network while saving time and money.


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Suez Canal at risk: What shippers should know to mitigate disruption

Using alternative routes like the Cape of Good Hope not only means longer transit times but higher freight costs. Here’s what shipping experts had to say.
Alejandra Salgado
Supply Chain Dive, 2023
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6 Reasons Why Global Supply Chains Are Shifting

Political risk, emissions and lead times are just some of the drivers pushing companies toward onshoring, nearshoring and friendshoring decisions.
Edwin Lopez
Supply Chain Dive, 2023
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How the Best Supply Chains Thrive
Rob Handfield and Tom Linton
Rotman-UTP Publishing, 2022
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Shortages 2023

Four Goods Facing Tight Supplies This Year
Ben Unglesbee
Supply Chain Dive, 2023
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A Once-Shuttered California mine is trying to transform the rare earth industry

A US-based rare earth supply chain could boost clean energy and electric vehicles — and military weapons.
Maddie Stone
Fast Company, 2023
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Jeremy Meek et al.
Business Insider UK, 2022
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The Price of Fast Fashion and the Future of Clothes
Dana Thomas
Penguin Press, 2019
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Freight Logistics Optimization Works
Pete Buttigieg and Celeste Drake
US Department of Transportation, 2023
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Inside Outsourcing

How Remote Work, Offshoring & Global Employment is Changing the World
Derek Gallimore
Derek Gallimore, 2022
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How the US plans to transform its lithium supply chain

With just 3.6% of global reserves, access to the critical mineral is vital to the country’s sustainable energy plans.
Deborah Abrams Kaplan
Supply Chain Dive, 2022

Profit from the Source

Transforming Your Business by Putting Suppliers at the Core
Christian Schuh et al.
Harvard Business Review Press, 2022
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How a Changing Climate Is Altering the Way We Drink
Brian Freedman
Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group, Inc., 2022