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Thousands of nonfiction books are published each year. How do you decide which ones are relevant for your personal and professional development? We can help with that, and save you some time. getAbstract is the world’s #1 source of nonfiction summaries; and it's expanding every day.


We work with renowned publishers such as Penguin/Random House, Hachette, McGraw-Hill, John Wiley & Sons, Perseus, Simon & Schuster and over 800 others.

Our publishing partners send us regular updates on future titles as well as their latest catalogs. We also attend book fairs in Europe and North America to keep up-to-date on new releases of relevant business books, and we constantly screen the web for cutting-edge content.


We select more than 1000 new publications every year, considering any content that is relevant to business: from sales and marketing to strategy, management and economics to career and personal development.

If a book, paper or video passes the initial screening, we give it a preliminary read or watch it. We use a rigorous peer-review process to assign a 1-10 rating to any piece of content we consider. Our rating criteria are applicability, innovation and style. We only summarize publications that earn an overall rating of five or higher to assure the quality of the material.


getAbstract’s summary writers and editors have been published by The Wall Street Journal, Time, Business Week, Reuters and other leading outlets that rely on the same quality we bring to you. Over 800 publishers, in recognition of the quality of our summaries, have granted us licenses to summarize their books.

“Your abstracts are impressively precise, short yet simultaneously deep, little works of art.”

Jakob Strobel y Serra, feuilleton editor for Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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