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12 Things You Need to do as a New Sales Manager

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12 Things You Need to do as a New Sales Manager

According to Practice Better's CEO


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Become a solid sales manager and build a thriving team with practical steps from Practice Better’s CEO.

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As a new sales manager, you have a fresh set of tasks and challenges in front of you. The achievements that led to your promotion into sales management won’t necessarily make you great at it. Your success isn’t focused on your individual performance anymore, but on how well you empower your sales reps to sell. You need in-depth knowledge of yourself and your team members, as well as a solid managerial structure. In a post for Hubspot, Practice Better CEO Kim Walsh shares a dozen practical steps managers can follow to succeed. Her specific, hands-on advice is valuable to all sales managers, especially new ones.


Follow 12 steps to succeed as a sales manager.

Your sales accomplishments have earned you a managerial position, but now your success and effectiveness depend on your team’s achievements, not on your ability to sell. 

Your company’s results and your outcomes depend on the performance of your salespeople, so your priority is empowering them to excel.  

1. Evaluate yourself.

Audit your weaknesses and, especially, your strengths in your new role. Communicate your leadership strengths to your team members as part of crafting compatible approaches. 

2. Learn about your team.

Determine what management style your team members prefer. Assess each rep’s personality, abilities and work style. Ask what motivates or challenges your salespeople. Learn their approach to their work. 

The more you understand each person, the more you’ll be able to support and guide your team members with personalized insights. To inform your work using this approach, read up on situational leadership.

3. Determine what management style team members prefer. 

Ask your reps how ...

About the Author

Kim Walsh is CEO of Practice Better, which sells management software for health and wellness professionals.

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