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9 Things a Leader Must Do

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9 Things a Leader Must Do

How to Go to the Next Level – And Take Others With You

Thomas Nelson,

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To achieve your dreams, apply the patterns of behavior Henry Cloud says all successful leaders follow.

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Strong leaders don’t have innate qualities that make them different, author Henry Cloud says in this business classic. Instead, he contends that top leaders share similar behavioral patterns. Cloud distills these patterns into nine rules you can learn and apply, including how to overcome your fear of others’ reactions and how to achieve your goals in incremental steps. The author includes a faith-based perspective as he sets out to help readers manifest their leadership ambitions. Writing in an uplifting, accessible voice, he says you can create the life you want if you ground your daily actions and choices in spiritual values.


Successful leaders share nine behavior patterns you can learn and apply. 

Leaders aren’t certain types of people. They have varying personalities, though they share common patterns of behavior and responses to the world around them.Successful leaders display nine identifiable behaviors in their relationships, work and personal lives. They learn this pattern from different sources, including their family, work experience, mentors, therapists and spiritual practices. 

You, too, can learn this pattern of leadership behaviors and responses, even if it doesn’t come naturally to you. Putting this pattern into effect will have an immense impact on your life and leadership journey, helping you move forward and learn from your mistakes. The nine core behaviors are the following.

1. Identify your hidden desires, dreams and potential.

Successful leaders figure out what they want, hope for and can achieve. Many people bury their inner desires and strengths, fearing the magnitude of their dreams, talent and potential. Perhaps a difficult past relationship made you feel that pursuing your goals wasn...

About the Author

Wall Street Journal and New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Henry Cloud  has written 45 books including Boundaries for Leaders.

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