A New LGBTQ Workforce Has Arrived

A New LGBTQ Workforce Has Arrived

Inclusive Cultures Must Follow

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Almost half of LGBTQ employees are in the closet at work, according to a new survey by Boston Consulting Group and New York City’s LGBT Community Center, and an overwhelming majority endure prejudice from colleagues. The international management consulting firm BCG dives into an exploration of how diversity and inclusion professionals can adapt programs for a younger and more diverse LGBTQ workforce.


The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer workforce is more diverse than ever.

A survey by BCG and New York City’s LGBT Community Center found that the portion of LGBTQ employees has grown. They tend to be younger, and more of them are non-white. While past corporate diversity and inclusion programs treated LGBTQ workers as a homogenous group, new efforts should prioritize the unique needs of individuals, including those who are parents or immigrants.

By creating a more supportive environment, dedicated companies can yield better financial results, become more innovative, increase employee retention and improve motivation.

Diversity and inclusion programs need to address everyday interactions to help LGBTQ employees succeed.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, all Fortune 500 companies have policies that protect employees from...

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Pierre Dupreelle, Gabrielle Novacek, Jeff Lindquist, Nathan Micon and Simon Pellas are leaders at the Boston Consulting Group, an international consulting firm for management.

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