In an uproarious presentation, Mike Kinney explains how he developed his wrestling alter ego, “Cowboy” Gator Magraw. Adored by fans, Kinney performed outrageous antics wearing little more than chaps and a Speedo. Kinney describes the process he used to forge his on-stage persona, a voyage of self-discovery that even insecure people will appreciate. Kinney’s unique tale of personal branding will inspire you to look within to find your best self.


Growing up in a small town in Minnesota, Mike Kinney adored wrestling. He watched World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) matches on television with his father. Kinney was enthusiastic and swore to his dad that he would become a professional wrestler one day. When Kinney was 16, a live wrestling show began visiting his town every so often. Kinney would show up early to help out and get wrestling tips from his idols, who told him of a wrestling training camp. Kinney signed up and embarked on a career as a wrestler. His father would come to matches to cheer him on.

When his father died unexpectedly, Kinney, still just a teenager, continued...

About the Speaker

Mike Kinney is a business development supervisor at UPS.

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