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Accelerated Leadership Development

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Accelerated Leadership Development

How to Turn Your Top Talent into Leaders

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Follow a formal development process to help high-potential candidates become seasoned business leaders.

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Your company needs an effective program to prepare its young leaders to move up when senior people advance or retire. To protect its future, the organization must help high-potential leadership candidates develop their flexibility, problem-solving acuity and decision-making ability. Occupational psychologist and HR consultant Ines Wichert details a strategy for “accelerated leadership development” that incorporates the newest material from academic research. Her manual is a valuable resource for HR professionals, high-potential employees and senior business leaders.


To groom future leaders, your organization needs an “accelerated leadership development” program.

Experienced leaders can navigate a world characterized by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), but how can younger and midlevel leaders learn to handle such chaos? Many organizations run accelerated leadership development programs to bring junior leaders up to speed. This kind of program requires agreement between the company and its up-and-coming leaders. The firm provides the infrastructure for learning and career development, while leaders-in-training promise fully motivated participation as they learn to solve difficult new problems.

These programs often guide participants through stretch assignments and rotations that often are temporary. They put new leaders in situations where they can build specialized expertise and transferrable leadership skills as opposed to static technical skills. These young leaders use these opportunities to reflect on their career path, leave their comfort zone, and develop their knowledge and skills.

A formal leadership development...

About the Author

Occupational psychologist Ines Wichert has a PhD in organizational psychology and is the founder and managing director of TalUpp, a leadership development consultancy.

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