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Best-selling author Anne Lamott writes about the power of hope at a time when so many people feel anger, confusion and distress. Her stories are tender, full of sage advice, and comforting. Her humor and calm reflections may abate your frustrations with relatives, friends, bosses and politicians. Lamott offers 12 essays addressing the topics on which she built her career, including motherhood, age, death, alcoholism, recovery and a spiritual life. She is never pedantic, and many readers will find that she offers respite from contentious times. She provides an uplifting perspective, guidance in times of hardship and a reminder that hope abides.

About the Author

Anne Lamott is a New York Times-best-selling author and an inspirational writer and speaker.



Bestselling author Annie Lamott reminds readers who want neat answers to their questions about life, love and the state of the universe that truth is a paradox. Contradictions rule where you most want order. For example, scientists proved that light is a particle. Then they went and proved it is a wave. Then, Lamott notes, they insisted it was not only both, but both at the same time. If light is like that, perhaps life is too.

Life, the author says, is the pain you suffer and the joy you breathe. For many, spiritual growth and compassionate humanity stem from the unavoidable disasters that arrive in the forms of death, destruction and desolation. Paradox teaches that misery is not the main well of existence. When life is most wretched, you still have more to live for and learn. Remaining alert and curious will reveal new ways of being.

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