Beyond Collaboration Overload
A review of

Beyond Collaboration Overload

How to Work Smarter, Get Ahead, and Restore Your Well-Being

Too Much of a Good Thing

by Allan Schweyer

Professor Rob Cross shows you how to shrink your commitments, collaborate less and build smaller, stronger networks to create a more balanced and productive working life.

After dozens of award-winning articles and books on network dynamics, Professor of Global Leadership Rob Cross is throwing up a caution sign: Too much networking can lead to collaboration overload. Those most affected – often a firm’s stars – suffer stress and reduced productivity. They frequently leave their organizations. Widely considered among the world's foremost experts in his field, Cross’ timely contribution has earned multiple accolades, including Best Management Book of 2021 by strategy+business. 

When a good thing goes bad

Cross believes in collaboration. He has spent a career uncovering its benefits. Yet, he points out that nearly everything – from answering emails and texts, attending webinars, sitting in meetings, or even working alone on projects – requires collaboration. Leaders and pundits encourage it. They knock out walls in offices and license corporate social platforms to facilitate it. They almost never question it. After all, collaboration can spark innovation, drive collegiality, and even improve peoples’ physical and mental health.

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