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Have you ever thought of blogging? Whether you work for a large company, are out to promote your talents or business, or want to offer your opinions on an issue or hobby that matters to you, you can successfully blog. Today’s blogging software means you can start a blog as quick as a wink. Follow Mark W. Schaefer and Stanford A. Smith’s handy guide to setting up a business or personal blog that will attract the traffic you want. If you’ve never blogged before, getAbstract thinks you’ll find the authors’ advice invaluable. Even cyberspace veterans will glean good tips.


A Blogger Is Born

No matter what your motivation – for business, for personal promotion or to share an opinion – anyone can create a successful blog. Follow several basic guidelines to ensure that your blog takes off. You must: 1) be willing to invest the time necessary to “find your voice” and “connect” with readers, 2) care deeply about your topic, 3) be willing to change course down the road if necessary, and 4) keep at it. Blogging is a commitment.

Bloggers-in-waiting who think they have to learn how to write well first are mistaken, because writing for a blog differs greatly from writing for other media. In blogging, the following writing rules apply:

  • “Turn your blog upside down” – Start with the most important point first; then explain any details.
  • Don’t write long – A blog post generally works best if it’s shorter than “1,000 words.”
  • Craft a compelling headline – Write a headline that grabs your readers’ attention and moves them to forward or tweet it.
  • Be authentic – Take chances on what you share and admit when you’ve erred.
  • “Rewrite” and ...

About the Authors

Mark W. Schaefer is a longtime blogger and head of Schaefer Marketing Solutions. Stanford A. Smith of Pushing Social consults in social-media marketing.

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