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Building Bionic Capabilities for B2B Marketing

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Building Bionic Capabilities for B2B Marketing

Boston Consulting Group,

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How has B2B marketing changed in the COVID-19 era?

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Want to improve the quality of the leads you get from digital marketing? You’d better build yourself a demand center. Your demand center is the place for CRM (customer relationship management), CMS (content management system), automation, ABE (account-based engagement), data analytics and integration, and ABM (account-based marketing) capabilities, not to mention a system for tracking which marketing attempts are reaping the best rewards. The Boston Consulting Group offers three case studies for the demand centers of industry leaders in this special report.


Though customers make the bulk of their purchases online, sales teams tend to let poorly qualified online leads slip through their fingers.

B2B customers are making up to 57% of their purchases online, and for many leading bionic companies, these sales don’t involve a live sales rep. Instead, customers encounter automated interactions that prioritize rich content and high-impact personalization. B2B businesses that don’t offer such engagement are missing sales opportunities and will soon fall behind.

Though online sales are an important part of B2B commerce, very few website visitors actually make a purchase. Up to 97% click away without entering any of their information, which makes sense when 82% of the visitors who arrive at your website probably didn’t intend to buy. Meanwhile, sales teams only pursue about 50% of the leads generated by their websites. Swamped with potentially useful data, sales teams may not recognize important leads when...

About the Authors

Basir Mustaghni, Stephan Lehrke, Robert Archacki, Fabrice Kalmbacher and Frank Hohenleitner are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group.

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