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Career Self-Care

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Career Self-Care

Find Your Happiness, Success, and Fulfillment at Work

New World Library,

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Self-care is key for advancing your career.

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Self-care is often presented as something set apart from productive work, but author Minda Zetlin argues that this is a false dichotomy. Taking the reader through her personal journey, augmented with expert insights and multidisciplinary research, she argues that self-care is critical to effectiveness in business. Zetlin’s conversational style gives the reader a sense of sitting down over coffee with a friend who has been there, done that and is happy to share lessons learned. Exercises at the end of each chapter provide a laboratory for clarifying your goals and exploring career-related self-care.


You can advance your career without sacrificing your health, happiness or the things that make up a good life.

Working day and night while neglecting yourself isn’t just bad for you, it makes you less productive and creative. It harms social relationships and strains your work relationships. Providing yourself with the space you need to be healthy, relaxed and well-rested, improves your focus and your capacity as a boss, employee, business owner, partner, parent or friend. Rather than taking away from your career, putting self-care first can improve your work.

Working within healthy boundaries forces you to prioritize and work more efficiently. Taking time for what you need and enjoy increases your creativity and energy. When you insist on taking care of your own needs, you influence those around you to see you and your time as valuable.

Don’t underestimate your power to make changes that improve your work-life balance.

What do you need that you’re not getting right now? What would have to change for you to meet those needs? Caring for yourself is your responsibility. As a human being, you need adequate...

About the Author

Minda Zetlin’s research-backed writing helps people get the most out of their careers and lives. She is an columnist and former president of the American Society of Journalists and Authors.

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