Catching the Catfishers

Catching the Catfishers

Disarm the Online Pretenders, Predators, and Perpetrators Who Are Out to Ruin Your Life

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Your online life is an open book. Marketers, potential employers and crooks enjoy unprecedented access to information about you. Unless you’re careful, your “digital breadcrumb trail” can harbor threats to your career, your finances and your family. Tyler Cohen Wood, an expert on digital forensics and cyberintelligence, presents tips and strategies for minimizing the dangers. Despite the subtitle, the book focuses not on warding off scammers but on safeguarding your online reputation – primarily from self-inflicted wounds wrought by ill-considered social media posts. getAbstract recommends her guidance to job seekers and professionals wishing to burnish their online image, and to anyone seeking to build substantial barriers against online intrusions.


Dangers of the “Online Domain”

The Internet can seem like a minefield. Villains on the web lay all sorts of traps, with clearly harmful intent and consequences. Scammers set up fake websites to try to extract your personal or financial information. Predators assume a friendly online identity to endanger your child. Bullies might harass you or your family with threats of physical harm.

Some threats are more subtle – and you may inadvertently bring them upon yourself. These days, almost everyone has an extensive online presence, largely through social media. Be careful about what you post. Those funny party pictures on Facebook or your critical comments on a blog could damage your professional image or undermine your chance of landing a particular job.

The good news is that you can defend yourself against criminal threats and self-inflicted damage. Once you learn to spot deception online, you can erect bulwarks against scammers, predators and imposters. By following a few simple social media guidelines, you can present the best possible image to your employers, colleagues, clients and potential dates.

Protecting Your Online Persona

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About the Author

Tyler Cohen Wood wrote the textbook Alternate Data Storage Forensics with Amber Schroader. She is currently a cyberbranch chief at the Department of Defense.

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