Change Management
A review of

Change Management

The People Side of Change

Make Change Happen

by David Meyer

In this evolved, worthwhile guide, change management leaders Jeffrey M. Hiatt and Timothy J. Creasey teach how to drive effective change.

For most people, “change” is a scary word. It triggers insecurity, uncertainty and anxiety. Founder of the Change Management Learning Center and CEO of Prosci Jeffrey M. Hiatt and Prosci Chief Development Officer Timothy J. Creasey provide a tremendous service by explaining why and how to focus on your most important asset – your employees – when instituting organizational change. Upper-level executives often err by suddenly announcing plans for an operational shift and expecting everyone in the company to embrace the news. To gain the cooperation of your workforce, follow the authors’ advice for managing a change initiative carefully and cooperatively.

Only a Theory

The best technology, state-of-the-art processing and evolving job descriptions are worthless if your people don’t welcome and utilize them. Managing change, the authors insist, rests on enabling your employees to accept and execute new methods of achieving your business objectives.

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    C. C. 2 weeks ago
    Great, the changes are Challenger to reach the optimal level
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    M. U. 2 weeks ago
    Successful !! change must happen on the individual and then organizational levels.
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    Y. I. 2 weeks ago

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