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Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions

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Coaching Salespeople into Sales Champions

A Tactical Playbook for Managers and Executives


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Executive sales coaches should be former great salespeople who know how to share their expertise.

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If you want to become an executive sales coach, being a successful salesperson is the necessary first step, says author and expert sales coach Keith Rosen. His comprehensive guidebook on sales coaching starts with the premise that if you’ve always been a top sales producer, you probably have a lot to teach your sales colleagues. He tells you how to build your salespeople’s skills by implementing sales coaching in clear, well-defined steps.


Many sales managers never become executive sales coaches.

Executive sales coaching is exceptionally hard work with a lot at stake. Sales coaches must help salespeople attain their monthly objectives while working within their company’s sales systems, programs and initiatives. They must transform underperformers and toxic salespeople, or get rid of them. And, they must continually recruit and nurture the best new sales talent.

Sales coaches must motivate their salespeople, but not with threats or intimidation. They should leverage the individual strengths of each salesperson, enabling him or her to be as productive as possible all the time. 

Executive sales coaches must manage their time to handle overall sales leadership responsibilities and activities, as well as coaching individual salespeople and meeting their needs. Many sales managers find their day-to-day tasks overwhelming, which is why sales coaches can be so helpful.

Executive sales coaches can’t figure this all out overnight. Their job requires extensive knowledge, diligent training and long-range dedication. Many ...

About the Author

Fast Company and Inc. named Keith Rosen, president of the sales team consultancy Profit Builders, as one of the five most respected, influential executive coaches in the United States. 

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