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Conservation Finance

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Conservation Finance

Can banks embrace natural capital?


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The degradation of nature entails economic risk as well as environmental peril.

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Climate change and the degradation of natural capital as a consequence of human behavior are significant issues, but they don’t just affect the environment; the future of global economic growth is in jeopardy as well. Journalist Helen Avery’s in-depth article on how the financial system can help restore and regenerate the natural world by leveraging its resources will engage and inspire anyone interested in novel approaches to climate change and environmental problems.


Financial institutions must scrutinize their risks related to the natural world.

It’s important for banks and other financial institutions to look beyond climate change to the ways that the deterioration of the natural world creates risks for their industry and for financial markets. Groups like the World Wide Fund for Nature and companies like Axa Investment Managers insist on the importance of investigating the threats that environmental decline pose for financial institutions as well as the risks created by those firms failing to consider environmental issues in their decisions.

Climate change is just part of a larger, ongoing crisis. One supranational assessment estimates that one million plant and animal species are...

About the Author

Helen Avery is an editor for Euromoney who covers the financial industry.

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