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Content Inc.

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Content Inc.

Start a Content-First Business, Build a Massive Audience, and Become Radically Successful (With Little to No Money)


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To build a successful online business, focus on content first.

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In 2007, Joe Pulizzi quit his six-figure executive job to start his own company. In 2011, he made his first million. In 2016, he sold his company for just under $30 million. His secret? Putting content first. Pulizzi’s business model, Content Inc., defies traditional entrepreneurial rules, which insist new companies should start with a great product. Pulizzi argues that prioritizing content will inspire product ideas and opportunities, and fuel a successful, sustainable business.


Setting and sharing goals will make you 30% more likely to succeed.

Only three in 100 people write down their life goals. But recording your goals makes achieving them much more likely. If you share these goals with a friend and update them regularly, your chances of reaching those goals rises by over 30%. Don’t confine your goal-setting to purely professional aspirations – think about what you want to achieve in terms of finances, relationships, spirituality, or physical and mental health. Record your grand goals and consider the habits you need to implement to achieve them.

Once you record your goals, review them daily. Focus is essential, so make sure social media and your phone do not distract you during the process. Never use the excuse of not having enough time – the average American spends about one and a half months every year watching TV. You can find the time if you really want to.

Your niche exists where your expertise meets people’s needs, and gives them something unique.

The Content Inc. model discovers where your knowledge meets a niche audience desire – your “sweet spot.” Create content in this area to build your customer ...

About the Author

Joe Pulizzi is a best-selling author, podcaster, international speaker and successful founder of four companies.

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