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Controlling Costs in the Cloud

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Controlling Costs in the Cloud

8 Things Every CIO Must Consider


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The cloud has significantly altered the business landscape. Learn how to maximize the cost savings it offers.

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As more and more companies adopt cloud services in their overall business strategy, IT leaders must aim to maximize the cost savings they offer. Around three-quarters of companies report that using the cloud makes them more competitive, and many report increased revenues. Yet to make the most of this technology, CIOs must understand when and how the cloud helps to reduce costs. This succinct and enlightening article from Techopedia outlines eight ideas leaders need to consider when including cloud technology in their strategic plans.


Cloud technology offers organizations opportunities to remain competitive in a disruptive economy.

The cloud continues to entice IT leaders and business executives to convert their organization’s technology services. In fact, more than two-thirds of the world’s largest public companies now incorporate digital initiatives into their business strategy. More than 75% of organizations report that the cloud makes them more competitive.


Cloud technology, with its on-demand, flexible servicing and the ability to scale, provides organizations with agility and reduces resource expenditures...

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