Covid-19 Has Scrambled Fintech’s Winners & Losers

Covid-19 Has Scrambled Fintech’s Winners & Losers

Here’s The Short- & Long-Term Outlook.

CB Insights, 2020




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COVID-19’s upheaval of the economy is broad and deep, and it has not spared the burgeoning fintech sector. In this succinct assessment, CB Insights professionals describe near-term impacts and identify long-run prospects for five critical fintech submarkets in lending, insurance, payments, capital markets and real estate. Financial professionals and executives interested in a wide-angle view of the fintech environment during the pandemic and beyond will glean valuable information from this authoritative briefing.


Financial technology companies are adapting to the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In pandemic times, fintech firms are assessing a new environment that offers both short- and long-term risks and opportunities. Fintech’s array of submarkets in lending, insurance, payments, capital markets and real estate showcase a wide range of development options as well as immediate challenges.

Short-term aspects of the pandemic affect fintech markets in different ways. 

In the payments segment, firms that serve the restaurant industry, like TouchBistro and Square, have experienced substantial declines in business, while companies like PayPal and Shopify, beneficiaries of the transition...

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