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Creating Value in Insurance M&A

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Creating Value in Insurance M&A

Boston Consulting Group,

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Almost half of past M&A deals in the insurance sector diminished shareholder value.

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Although 2016 M&A activity in the insurance industry was on the upswing, a Boston Consulting Group study found that almost half the deals it analyzed diminished rather than added shareholder value. In this succinct but informative article, BCG professionals provide strategic guidelines on how to improve the odds of success. They highlight the fact that synergy – a buzzword that often appears in M&A announcements – doesn’t always materialize after deals close. getAbstract recommends the disciplined BCG approach to insurance executives, financial managers, investment bankers, investors and anyone involved in the insurance sector.


A number of factors will drive insurance sector M&A activity through 2020, including stricter regulatory requirements, low yields from investments, competition from recent entrants to the industry, tepid growth prospects and technological changes. New competitors from fields as diverse as supermarkets and telecommunications, with their multitudes of consumer data, could disrupt the insurance industry. Another threat comes from online aggregators that facilitate customer choice among available offerings. Self-contained midsize insurers are more vulnerable than larger insurers to new...

About the Authors

Pia Tischhauser et al. are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group.

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