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Culture in the Hybrid Workplace

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Culture in the Hybrid Workplace


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The new normal corporate culture centers on employees and requires managers t0 lead hybrid teams.

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In this McKinsey podcast hosted by Lucia Rahilly, three of its partners — Bryan Hancock, Bill Schaninger and Brooke Weddle — discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by the pandemic-driven, work-from-home experience. To shape the inevitable hybrid workplace, they report, leaders must listen and respond to the concerns, ideas and aspirations of their employees, whether they flourish or struggle with remote work.


The pandemic enables enterprises to rethink, reshape and improve their culture.

A business culture is a shared set of attitudes and behaviors that affect how people interact at work. Workplace culture has a huge impact on an organization’s effectiveness. Healthy cultures create tremendous corporate value — including up to threefold higher returns to shareholders than earned by companies with unhealthy cultures.

The question is not whether a corporate culture is strong, but whether it serves the employees and the business. Before Covid, many cultures emphasized the firm’s work above all. The pandemic created an opening for businesses to experiment and adapt their policies and practices to a new environment. During this major global disruption, healthy cultures prioritize the needs and well-being of their employees while helping them meet their production and profit goals.

As employees’ personal and professional lives converge, they reconsider their priorities...

About the Podcast

Bryan Hancock leads McKinsey & Company’s worldwide talent practice. Bill Schaninger helps McKinsey clients with large-scale organizational and cultural change. Brooke Weddle heads the company’s Change Leadership Forum. All three are McKinsey partners. Lucia Rahilly of McKinsey Global Publishing conducted the interviews.

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