Digital Body Language
A review of

Digital Body Language

How to Build Trust and Connection, No Matter the Distance

Digital Manners

by David Meyer

Master online communication: You can avoid sending inadvertent digital signals – or misinterpreting the messages your receive – if you know the code.

Erica Dhawan is a leadership expert, frequent speaker and founder-CEO of the consulting firm Cotential. She argues convincingly that misinterpreting the intention of digital messages – or inadvertently sending the wrong signals – can lead to conflict, missed opportunities, paranoia and anxiety. Dhawan helps you decipher the subtle art of “digital body language” – so you are aware of the implications of the online messages you send and receive. She says innocuous habits – like how you use punctuation or emojis – can distort your meaning.

Whether you’re a digital native, digitally adept or a digital novice, Dhawan’s accessible, relatable guidebook can help you decode online language, build more trusting relationships and navigate the future of digital work more powerfully. Anyone under 25 probably unconsciously adopted much of Dhawan’s advice before they reached sixth grade, so she performs a valuable service by teaching everyone else how to be clear, look sharp and avoid giving inadvertent offense. Even digital natives and experienced online business practitioners will appreciate her advice about online manners in a corporate context.  

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