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Digital Luxury

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Digital Luxury

Transforming Brands and Consumer Experiences

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Luxury brands are bringing that special something to the digital space.

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Luxury brands have hesitated to jump into digital technologies for fear of diluting the unique qualities that make them so alluring. Marketing expert Wided Batat illuminates how to employ digital as a delightful extension of your high-end brand’s mythos and values to “enchant” customers. Though her phrasing is sometimes awkward, Batat describes compelling case studies of how luxury companies have integrated digital technology to positive effect. Note the gorgeous cover, though, alas, there’s no art inside except charts and graphs. The author clearly knows her subject, and offers tips and strategic thinking for marketing and brand professionals.


To integrate digital technology, luxury brands must focus on the customer experience.

Luxury brand executives have resisted digital tools, worried that they will dilute customers’ perceptions of their goods as rare and inaccessible. However, six of every 10 luxury sales originates with an online search. 

Empowering customers helps brands establish emotional connections with their audiences. Brands must understand what customers care about in each brand.

Designing for customer experience (CX) differs from designing for user experience (UX). CX follows the customer from initial online search through purchasing and beyond. Marketers must understand every brand interaction from the perspective of the customer experience. That information charts customer interactions – online and offline – to inform product design. Brands must maintain continuous dialogue with customers to create “enchantment.”

Customers expect a seamless, multichannel journey.

Digital luxury should work with immersive and interactive technologies to offer a virtual experience of luxury and to give buyers...

About the Author

Wided Batat is an internationally recognized expert and professor of experiential and digital marketing, and the founder of the marketing company B&C Consulting Group.

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    M. A. 4 years ago
    A brand story should reflect its value. However, Customers will expect a seamless, multichannel journey.
    If the brand story is not innovative, convincing and evidence-based then the brand will be treated as a me-too product. Simply in heaven of digital media, differentiate or die !