Do Less

Do Less

A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Busy Moms

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Many women with home, career and child care responsibilities suffer from working too many hours. Kate Northrup urges them to embrace their bodies’ innate wisdom by using their cyclical rhythms as a guide for “doing less.” She shows how women can align with the four phases of menstrual cycles – and how men or non-menstruating women can turn to lunar cycles – to identify and utilize peak- and low-energy times. Men can appreciate Northrup’s insights, but the author targets busy working women, especially moms.

Evidence demonstrates the benefits of “doing less.”

Northrup, CEO of Origin Collective, a worldwide program for women who want to achieve more by doing less, explains that very few people can concentrate on high-level tasks for more than four or five hours a day. She cites brain researcher David Rock, who finds that the average person truly focuses on work just six hours a week. Most people work at their best early in the morning or late at night. People who take regular breaks are more productive, she says, so try to take a 15-minute break after every hour of work. “Doing less,” the author writes, “actually results in having more in the realms of health, productivity, peace of mind, fulfillment and happiness.”

Northrup reports that Sweden is aiming to establish a six-hour workday. The leaders at Stockholm-based Filimundus, which makes software apps, believe you can reduce your working hours and maintain your productivity if you cut unnecessary distractions and curb social media use.

About the Author

Kate Northrup is an entrepreneur and the author of Money: A Love Story. She is the founder and CEO of Origin Collective.

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