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Do This, Not That: Career

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Do This, Not That: Career

What to Do (and NOT Do) in 75+ Difficult Workplace Situations

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Navigate your career confidently with this useful guide to the dos and don’ts of many workplace dilemmas. 

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Over the course of your career, you will inevitably face tricky situations that can affect your ability to thrive and advance at work. Knowing how to respond to a problematic colleague or a micromanaging boss or when to ask for a raise, can be challenging unless you have an experienced advisor. Luckily career expert Jenny Foss is here to help with this sweeping guide to workplace issues. Her dos and don’ts act as a virtual mentor in your pocket, offering tips that will enable you to handle a range of commonplace, yet difficult-to-navigate workplace dilemmas, from co-worker dramas to the quest for a promotion. 


Find a job that fits your skills closely enough – don’t wait for perfection.

Searching for a new job or trying to get started in a new career is daunting. People generally want a role that fits their skills and fulfills their career aspirations. As you examine job postings, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you can land your dream role without meeting the position’s basic requirements – of course, you won’t get a job as a lawyer if you lack a law degree – but also don’t set the bar too high.

For instance, perhaps you see an interesting job notice, but your skills don’t align perfectly with all the items the employer lists. Don’t give up just yet. If you meet at least 70% of the skills required, then you are most likely a good fit for the job. To demonstrate your potential to the employer, rewrite your resume and cover letter to emphasize why you are a good candidate for this particular role. For instance, maybe you’ve never been a formal project manager, but you can point to projects you’ve managed. Change keywords in your resume to match the online posting, such as rephrasing “client...

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