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Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

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Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

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Become happier by sedating your green-eyed monster.

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Laozi, a 6th-century BC Chinese philosopher, remarked that “When you are content to be simply yourself and don’t compare or compete, everybody will respect you.” This ancient wisdom is just as applicable today as it was during China’s Zhou Dynasty. Alas, comparing oneself with others is a brutal human foible. In this brief video, American stand-up comedian Tom Shillue revisits Laozi’s message in a folksy yet vivid fashion. Although his argument covers well-trodden ground, his lesson is one that bears repeating. getAbstract recommends Shillue’s idea to anyone whose green-eyed monster is making life a misery.


Have you ever looked at other people and coveted their lives? Everyone is guilty of this human foible. Perhaps you compare your situation with those of individuals around you or of personalities you see on TV. When he began his career, stand-up comedian Tom Shillue’s ambition was to reach the same heights as Jerry Seinfeld. Some 10 years later, Shillue is far from this lofty goal, yet he has learned to be satisfied with his lot. He stopped comparing himself with others because he realized that no matter what level of personal success he attained, he would still envy those who had more – more money...

About the Speaker

Tom Shillue is an American stand-up comedian. He hosts Red Eye, a late-night talk show on the Fox News Channel.

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