Doughnut Economics
A review of

Doughnut Economics

Seven Ways to Think Like a 21st-Century Economist

Humanist Economics

by David Meyer

Renegade economist Kate Raworth cites the problems that today’s economic system generates and offers radical but practical solutions.

To help you visualize a sustainable global economy, economist Kate Raworth offers “the Doughnut” – the figurative sweet spot in which all people can meet their basic needs without transgressing the Earth’s natural constraints.

Raworth, who teaches at Oxford University and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, readily admits this will require radical changes – such as discarding long-held economic beliefs, stopping consumerism in its tracks and ending the financial industry in its current form. Despite her controversial ideas, most readers will find Raworth’s iconoclastic, renegade perspective invigorating and her arguments powerful, instructive and applicable. 

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