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Driving Digital

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Driving Digital

The Leader’s Guide to Business Transformation Through Technology


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This technical detailed guide to digital transformation offers valuable guidance for corporate IT projects.

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This dense, highly technical and detailed guide to digital transformation offers valuable guidance for those in charge of corporate IT. Isaac Sacolick – an experienced CIO – offers tips and insights on nearly every one of his 263 pages. His manual will aid anyone who leads or manages a project working with modern digital tools, processes and platforms from legacy systems. getAbstract recommends Sacolick’s advice to CTOs and CIOs charged with managing rapid change – especially those revamping legacy systems into digital platforms. Technology leaders, IT project managers and IT business analysts will also benefit.


Going Digital

Organizations across most industries must convert to digital operations and digital delivery, or risk “disintermediation.” As the physical world links to the Internet through millions of connected devices – forming the Internet of Things (IoT) – most companies face a shrinking window in which to act. This includes firms in retail, manufacturing, health care and elsewhere. If you don’t change, you may find yourself offering out-of-date and potentially more expensive “legacy” solutions, tools and products. You’ll struggle to attract and keep customers against competitors who have modern, integrated, easier-to-use and often cheaper offerings. Take an objective look at your business and its culture. Do your customers love your products or services? Do they derive value from them immediately, or do they need training? Can you and your employees easily explain how you differ from your competitors? Do you use “real-time data” and analytics to make better decisions? Do your IT professionals put out fires all day, or collaborate to develop new products and improve existing ones?

Your “transformation” to digital may mean revamping your operations...

About the Author

Ex-CIO Isaac Sacolick has extensive experience leading every aspect of digital transformation in a variety of firms and industries. He is a well-known leader in agile practices and big data.

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