Drop the Ball
A review of

Drop the Ball

Achieving More by Doing Less

Do Less

by David Meyer

Tiffany Dufu, the Chief Leadership Officer of Levo, offers sound advice for working women who seek work-life balance and true collaboration with their domestic partners.

Fast Company magazine lists Tiffany Dufu – the Chief Leadership Officer at the millennial professional network Levo – within its “League of Extraordinary Women.” In her book, she discusses how society pressures women to excel at work and at home, and how having it all means working nonstop, often at the expense of your health and happiness.

Writing in a relatable, accessible style, Dufu convincingly argues that you can succeed and build stronger relationships by sometimes “dropping the ball”– that is, doing less. Drawing on research and her experiences to craft her motivational guide, Dufu aims to help women attain their career goals and find happiness. She speaks especially to those who want to grow beyond mid-management or return to work after time away from the office.

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