Summary of Economic Growth Has Stalled. Let’s Fix It

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Economic Growth Has Stalled. Let’s Fix It summary
Jump-starting the global economy requires letting go of obsolete ideologies and creating new models.


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At a time when many economists are abandoning economic growth as a metric of human progress, economist Dambisa Moyo reminds the world of what growth has achieved and why societies must pursue it. She contends that it’s time to create new economic paradigms to foster growth going forward. getAbstract recommends Moyo’s authoritative ideas to economists and anyone concerned about solving the world’s most intractable issues.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why generating economic growth is today’s greatest challenge,
  • Why traditional economic ideologies are obsolete and
  • How new economic models will generate needed growth.


Today’s greatest global challenge is to generate and maintain long-term economic growth. If society can accomplish this, solutions to the world’s other pressing problems – climate change...
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About the Speaker

Macroeconomist Dambisa Moyo is a former consultant at Goldman Sachs. She wrote Dead Aid, How the West Was Lost and Winner Take All.

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