Empty Planet
A review of

Empty Planet

The Shock of Global Population Decline

Less of Everybody

by David Meyer

Researcher Darrell Bricker and journalist John Ibbitson offer startling, evidence-based predictions regarding an ever-diminishing population and its effects.

International social researcher Darrell Bricker – chief executive officer of Ipsos Public Affairs – teams up with award-winning journalist John Ibbitson – who writes for Canada’s Globe and Mail. They bring an unexpected wrinkle to the immigration debate by arguing that developed nations must welcome immigrants to mitigate a coming population decline.

As authorities such as the United Nations warn about population explosion, Bricker and Ibbitson counter by insisting that the dwindling of humanity raises complex issues. In this data-rich and highly readable account, the authors describe the factors influencing lowered fertility and what the world will be like with fewer people.

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