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With more than 30 years of experience in event-management, Ruth Dowson and David Bassett explain the challenges of successful events, including smooth organization. Their manual speaks to students, but it will also appeal to working professionals. The authors divide their information into chapters that provide an overview of each step in putting an event together. Multiple case studies and templates support each section’s practical lessons, along with charts, diagrams, checklists, examples, case studies, photos, and much more. Subsections within the chapters guide more knowledgeable readers to the in-depth advice they seek. Boxes labeled “top tip” offer suggestions for experienced planners. The clear language and blunt presentation reinforce the authors’ recommendations, whether for selecting a venue or naming a planning team. getAbstract recommends this detailed primer to aspiring event planners and all event professionals.


Event Organization

An event – as opposed to a regular occurrence – is “planned, memorable” and “temporary.” It fulfills a purpose. Classify your event based on its frequency, location, size and industry.

Researcher Donald Getz outlined a typology of events in his 2007 book Event Studies. He lists eight event categories: “cultural celebrations, business and trade, arts and entertainment, educational and scientific, political and state, private events, recreational, and sport competitions.” Determine if your event focuses on your company’s staff as an “internal” activity or builds relationships with external groups. Event planners often reach out to tourist attractions, sport activities and hotels. Such participants can be an inviting component of your event.

During development, list the event’s priorities and objectives with your client. The event concept requires client input, summarized in the “Five W’s”: “who, what, when, where” and “why.” Hold budget conversations in the planning stage. Event managers produce the best results when their client values their expertise during the organizational process. Show your client summaries and templates...

About the Authors

Ruth Dowson produces events, conferences and seminars. International event manager David Bassett focuses on sports and tourism. Both teach at the UK Center for Events Management.

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