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Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned From Google

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Everything I Know About Marketing I Learned From Google


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Learn the marketing secrets of Google, the world’s most valuable brand.

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Companies can learn a lot from Google’s top marketing masterminds. Google dominates the online world with the most desirable Internet product – search. With its numerous products and services, Google operates in 36 languages, including Chinese, Hindi, Kyrgyz and Klingon (from Star Trek). Internet business expert Aaron Goldman distills Google’s marketing magic into basic principles any company can use to increase sales. Goldman seems equal to the intellectual superstars at Google, although he admits he made a costly mistake when he turned down Google’s pre-IPO offer to become its Chicago advertising sales rep. getAbstract recommends his savvy book as prime reading for all marketing professionals.


Follow the Leader

Google is the Internet’s king of marketing. Its relatively young brand is now more valuable than that of any other corporate entity. Google earns profits of $8 billion on annual revenue that exceeds $20 billion. It holds $25 billion in cash. The company’s mission makes it plain: “Organize all the world’s information, and make it universally accessible and useful.” Apply the following 20 “Googley” lessons to improve the way you market your company and its brand:

  1. “Relevancy rules” – Google succeeds because its search results are relevant to its customers, who use those results to make decisions about what to buy, read, investigate and so on. Your company must become relevant to your customers. Help them solve their problems. Enable them to make better decisions. Make the best possible mousetrap they can buy. Apple is a master at this exercise. The company created its own filter (“Apple is cool”) and runs all its marketing through that filter. What’s your company’s filter?
  2. “Tap the wisdom of crowds” – Google’s algorithm ranks the search results it retrieves for customers (via its internal PageRank program...

About the Author

Aaron Goldman is the chief marketing officer of Kenshoo, a digital marketing software firm.

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