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Executive Resource Management

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Executive Resource Management

Building and Retaining an Exceptional Leadership Team

Davies-Black Publishing,

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Your executive team will put together your business strategy, but who’s putting together your executive team?

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Unless you own the company and all your children are born executives, creating an executive team is a deliberate strategic process. To put you on that path, Robert W. Barner offers a comprehensive guidebook for creating an optimum executive team. He examines ways to look at the competencies your firm needs, evaluate current leadership, recruit, build leadership skills, and prepare for succession and other issues. Support materials include a mix of charts, checklists, examples and rating forms. The book, a fairly authoritative, well-organized, in-depth exploration of the topic, is clearly, though somewhat dryly, written. Given the topic, getAbstract recommends it primarily to those involved in executive development and search techniques, including senior-level human resource personnel, organizational development managers and search consultants. It may be particularly enlightening for board members who find themselves involved in executive recruitment.


The Executive Asset

In today’s age of human capital, the executive team is an especially important asset on the corporate balance sheet. In fact, some companies spend months and several hundred thousand dollars on their recruitment search to get the right mix of talent. More and more, companies find that gaining or loosing key executives bears a direct impact on their stock value as investors try to read the performance implications of such shifts in leadership.

Top executives have become a keystone phenomenon, because of their pivotal position. Having a top executive team now outweighs other competitive factors, including capital, technology or resources. The key to creating a powerful executive team is having an in-depth executive resource management system that can effectively link the company’s business strategy with its executive ranks. Having such a system is critical for several reasons.

  • In the knowledge workforce, much of any company’s assets depend on its executive team’s technical and industry-specific know-how. It is critical to keep executives who have good relationships with key customers and who closely understand the company’s strategy and...

About the Author

Robert W. Barner  is vice president of organizational development and learning for Choice Hotels International, where he leads a team of 30 training and development specialists. He has been a consultant for more than 20 years and his clients include AT&T, Honeywell, GTE, and Disney. He is also the author of Lifeboat Strategies and Crossing the Minefield and a contributor to several books, including The 1997 McGraw-Hill Team & Organization Development Sourcebook He has contributed numerous articles to professional publications, including The Futurist HR Magazine The National Employment Business Weekly Quality and Particip and Training and Development

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