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Fit Matters

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Fit Matters

How to Love Your Job

Maven House Press,

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Whether your job really fits you affects your health, well-being, contentment and life satisfaction.

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Most people aren’t content with their jobs because their work doesn’t quite fit them. Veterans of big business Cammie Dunaway and Moe Carrick explain what factors make for the best job fit, and how you can adjust your employment circumstances to suit you better. They are on a mission to teach readers how to find jobs where they can thrive. There’s some history here. Although Dunaway tried to make her position at Nintendo work, she finally had to leave the video games company. Her job was a bad fit. Carrick, who was her job coach at Nintendo, saw her unhappiness and advised her to leave. Together, they offer senior executives, recruiters, managers and HR professionals insights about hiring and retaining the right employees. getAbstract recommends their advice to executives seeking less turnover, better morale, more productivity and additional profits, and to job seekers who want the satisfaction of engaging work. 


“Work Fit”

Work fit concerns how workers match their jobs, and how their jobs match them. Work fit derives from the alignment between an organization’s “value and culture” and a worker’s “expectations, values, personality and skills.” Achieving work fit begins by asking: “How well do I fit in my current situation?” or “Am I thriving here? “To assess if you’re happy in your job, ask:

  • Do you like or hate going to work?
  • Does your boss ask you to do dishonorable things?
  • Are your performance reviews good or bad?
  • Does your job fuel satisfactory work-life balance?
  • Do you get along with your boss?
  • Do you think about moving on to a new job? If another organization offered you a job, would you take it, even if the salary were less than yours is now?
  • Can you grow professionally?
  • Are you overqualified for your job?
  • Do you get along with your co-workers?

If you answer mostly in the negative, maybe it’s time to either change the circumstances of your current employment or to leave.

“Cycle of Doom”

The inability to fit in at work has serious repercussions...

About the Authors

Cammie Dunaway is a brand builder with experience at major corporations. Moe Carrick is the principal and founder of Moementum Inc., a consulting firm.

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