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Fitness Habits

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Fitness Habits

Breaking the Barriers to Fitness

Srishti Publishers,

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Learn the secrets to improving your well-being by turning exercise into a “can’t miss” fitness habit.

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Start small, build up slowly and celebrate your milestones. Such is the advice of fitness enthusiasts Amaresh Ojha and Subhra Moitra to those hoping to embark on a new workout journey. While many individuals start to exercise with good intentions, they drop off soon after, claiming a lack of time or the motivation to continue. In this enlightening book, the authors discuss the science behind exercise and its effects on your physical, physiological and mental health. They offer clear, manageable steps on how to change your workout from a “sometimes” activity to one you don’t want to miss.


Many people know the benefits of regular exercise, but don’t know where to start.

A study conducted at fitness centers across India found that roughly 60% of participants stopped a new fitness effort within two months and 70% did not renew their yearly gym memberships. Stress-inducing work habits lead many people to gain weight and have other health issues. Most of these individuals understand the benefits of regular exercise, and may even set workout goals, but they still struggle to make fitness a part of their daily routines.

Many people cite a lack of time or motivation. Additionally, they often lack the guidance necessary to design a plan to fit their needs. They set overly lofty or ambiguous goals, and view exercise as a punishment.When they add something unfamiliar like exercise into their daily routines, it takes them out of their comfort zones,and they quit before seeing any benefit.

The secret of those who exercise regularly is that they have made fitness a lifelong habit. Instead of focusing, primarily, on achieving a fitness goal, like developing abs or losing weight, they have learned to find intrinsic...

About the Authors

Amaresh Ojha is the founder and CEO of Gympik, India’s leading fitness technology platform. Subhra Moitra is a fitness and wellness writer and content developer for Gympik.

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